Turkey Trot Miniature Horse Tail Bag (12 inches)

Turkey Trot Miniature Horse Tail Bag (12 inches)

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Stitches N Sleazies tail bag features two ties to secure to the tail hair, with reinforced stitching on ties for longer durability of tail bag. Designed to protect the tail from breakage, help the tail grow longer, and stay clean. It is made out of supple lycra material with stretch to prevent hair loss, and won't absorb the hair's natural moisture. The tail bag is machine washable, hang to dry. 

To put the tailbag in, braid the tail hair, insert it into the bag, and tie below the tailbone. Never tie to the tail bone. 

Proudly hand-made in the USA


The tail bag measurement is based on the bag of the tail bag itself. The ties are not included in this measurement.

This tail bag is 12 inches in length, the ties are approximately 8 inches long.